Jamaicans Warring the Soca

Jamaicans, angered over that country’s Broadcasting Commission banning reggae-dancehall songs containing sexually explicit lyrics, have called on the commission to also ban soca music from Trinidad and Tobago.

People calling in on talk shows of several radio stations on the island since Monday said that the soca music played during Jamaica carnival is laced with lewd and offensive lyrics that are worse than anything the Jamaican dancehall artistes sing.

At a press conference in Jamaica yesterday, Jamaica Broadcasting Commission chairman Dr Hopeton Dunn explained that he made recommendations to the government to have the radio and television stations cleaned up through amendments to the broadcast regulations. The commission went on to ban the transmission of any song or music video that promotes the act known as daggering. Also banned are songs that require the use of bleeping or beeping techniques to mask explicit lyrics. Daggering is a slang referring to rough sex and has been the subject of several very popular reggae-dancehall songs by artistes such as Mr Vegas and Busy Signal. The term has also found its way into the soca arena with artistes like KMC, Dawg-E-Slaughter and Snakey making references to the term in songs they have released this year.

On a talk show yesterday on Jamaican radio, Dr Kwame Nantambu from the Cipriani Labour College described soca music as nothing more than musical pornography. He believes that there is a direct correlation between soca music and moral decadence in Trinidad and Tobago, adding that for every ten soca songs, eight or even nine are laced with smut.

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One thought on “Jamaicans Warring the Soca

  1. its sad that the learned Dr. doesnt recognize that SOCA alone cannot be blamed… SOCA has now reached the status of getting played year round in T&T… its played in Heavy rotation between Boxing Day and Ash Wednesday… year previos you wouldnt hear it being played…

    the Dr. didnt grow up in our society and me thinks he shouldnt make blanket statements…

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