Soca banned in Jamaica

Source: Yardflex

Soca Music has also been included in the Broadcasting Commission’s ban on airing sexually explicit lyrics.
The debate on the agency’s ban on lewd dancehall music grew as they were accused of being biased. The Chairman Dr. Hopeton Dunn has stated that recommendations have been made to the Government to make amendments to the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations in a bid to clean up the music playing on the airwaves. These include the transmission of songs that condone or encourage hostility or violence; glamorizing the use of illegal drugs or alcohol.
The agency is presently trying to amend the existing Broadcasting and Radio Regulation Act of 1946 and will propose a model act that will deal with regulating the airwaves.
Last Friday, the commission announced the banning of the transmission of any song or music video which promotes the sexual act of ‘daggering’ or the use of the bleeping technique to mask explicit lyrics.
The ban was in response to a deluge of ‘daggering songs’ on the airwaves.
By this afternoon, Dr. Dunn said that the commission would be keeping an eye on the carnival festivities.


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