Grenada Soca Monarch Finalists

Source: Djedi

Last night saw 31 Soca artists coming before the judges at Victoria Park in Grenville, St. Andrew in the Soca Monarch Semi Finals.

The Show began at 8 pm promptly. Each artist thrilled the audience with their rendition. Among the early favorites were Mr. Razer, Randy Isaac and Mr. Leggs by the the half way mark.

The performance of the night came from Mr. Killa. He sent a clear message that he has one thing on his mind and that is reclaiming the crown. New comers Boyzie, Otis and Terror Kid also deserve honorable mention for a job well done. Lavaman, who in my opinion had the biggest song entering in to the competition, did not completely fulfill my expectations. He needs to get his performance and band coordination right otherwise he will just have the crowd at the beginning of his performance and then lose their interest as his performance progresses.

At the end of the night when the results were given ( first time this happened so quickly), it was clear that whilst the audience didn’t dispute the inclusion of some artists, they were visibly upset and voiced their discontent with the inclusion of certain artists over those who were among their top contenders for the final fifteen. As an insider I can say I personally witnessed outrage and rumblings among folks in the Soca industry as to the positioning of certain artists. Some artists who were mediocre placed way better than some thought to have a place in the finals and it appears that the artists who performed early got a raw deal.

I would like to wish all the finalists the very best. The positions were as follows:

Mr. Killa 220
Randy Isaac 210
Inspector 209
Lavaman 209
Maximillion 204
Sheldon Douglas 204

See the complete list here


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