HHSS shut down

Source: Grenadabroadcast.com

ST. GEORGE’S, OCTOBER 13, 2009 — The Ministry of Health has advised the Ministry to Education, to close the Happy Hill Secondary School tomorrow, Wednesday October 13, 2009, to facilitate the sanitization of the school.

The decision came after technical staff of the Ministry of Health apprised the Minister for Health Sen. the Hon. Ann Peters on Tuesday morning on their investigation of reports of an unusual outbreak of flu-like symptoms at the school on Monday.

At today’s briefing, Minister Peters reiterated that there is no need for panic. She noted that anyone having the Influenza-A virus would have been treated according to standard basic protocols, by the public health nurses who investigated the complaint at the school.

Ministry officials have expressed satisfaction with the “prompt and professional” response of the public health nurses.

“We are satisfied that the team responded in a prompt manner and executed their duties to very high standards. We hope parents and guardians will work with the ministry to do their part in monitoring their children, to ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect them and the rest of the school from being infected,” the Minister said.

Director of Community Health, Dr. Christine La Grenade and Senior Public Health Nurse, Marva St. Paul, held meetings with the principal, staff and students today, to communicate the decisions taken by the Ministries of Health and Education.

A senior Education official said the Ministry has followed the advice of the Ministry of Health as it will protect the interest of both students and teachers.

“Our first priority is the students and staff of the school. We have followed the advice of the Ministry of Health to close the school for one day to take the necessary measures to sanitize the school,” according to the senior Ministry of Education official.

Principal of the Happy Hill Secondary School (HHSS) Daniel Thomas has also commended the Ministry for its swift action and handling of the situation.


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